20 August 2008 ~ Comments Off on Best night ever, books and personal stuff

Best night ever, books and personal stuff

On August 5 we played with Propagandhi in Belgium and I’m still creaming my pants when I’m thinking back on that show…  thanks to Bram and everyone of Heartbreak Tunes for taking good care of us. Thanks to all our friends and familiar faces who were at the show. Thanks to Propagandhi for being who they are, especially Chris for looking like…

Some might know we always carry a bookdistro to our shows. It was very inspiring to see so many people who were interested in the books at the Propagandhi show. It’s an extra boost to keep on doing the distro and get more books in stock. If you are interested, feel free to check out www.typewriterdistro.org

Some time ago we said Suzette’s pregnancy isn’t going very well and therefor we had to cancel some shows. We’re completely overwhelmed by all heartwarming messages we got from people all over the world. I feel I owe these people a little update: things are not going much better with Suzette, but she’s also not really sick. We can’t handle the situation a bit better now than a couple of months ago. The baby is really healthy and can be born any day now, we can’t wait!

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