21 September 2007 ~ Comments Off on again? so soon?!!

again? so soon?!!

 yeah, sorry for that. the site just felt like it needed to be update again. mainly because we will be on tour pretty soon and we want all available information to be correct. so all the other playing bands and all venues are up to date as much as possible. if you have more info that needs to be online, let us know. for the tour kick off in merleyn you can win tickets to get in for free and get a free 7" as well. if you go to as ice hardcore e-zine or punx.nl you have to answer a question and you might get in for free if you're lucky.

we are terribly sorry that we are not playing bologna any more. the gig got cancelled because of a big demonstration that will be held because of the eviction of a squat in bologna. people were asked not to organize shows on that day to garantuee a high turn out for the demonstration. so we hope the demonstration turns out alright to support the punk/squat scene in bologna so they can exist for many more years and organize a lot of good stuff. we have played bologna twice and those were some of our best shows, we hope that we are able to come back soon! for that day we found another show in pieffe factory in gorizia, eastern italy. of course we are looking forward to play there as well!

since we are here anyway: yesterday another amazing gig got confirmed: november 30 in winston kingdom in amsterdam with the already almighty enemy alliance (ex-satanic surfers/venerea) from sweden. we are happy to play that gig as you can imagine!

and last but not least, a news update about the "community" that surrounds antillectual: angry youth records is working on a split 7" featuring new dutch punk bands as brat pack, the real danger, union town and the tenement kids. square of opposition records is working on the distribution of their new 7"es including ours and yo man go's (ex-hypatia) and looking for labels all over the world to trade and sell wholesale. our 7" is available through interpunk.com (just like our full length) and ebullition records. reviews should be in soon. just like your mom is maybe busier than we are. check the schedule on their myspace account. they are driving bands like the datsuns, bambix, high five drive, the addicts and giving chase; and at that booking shows. some one is showing off there! suzette design turned into hi-fibre, she's currently working on our new website, which is gonna look amazing! or at least better than her own … ok that's enough. for now. talk to you tomorrow! 

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