27 December 2005 ~ Comments Off on merry whatever-you’re-celebrating!

merry whatever-you’re-celebrating!

it's been a while, and in the meantime we have played some awesome shows in austria, germany, groningen and where ever. and again it was very pleasing to meet so many new friendly people.

now we have some news for you! first of all a bunch of new shows. some abroad, some in our cold country, and some even in (one of) our hometown(s)!

besides that we have new merchandise; finally we got the highly anticipated sweatshop free zipped hoodies with christmas-alike-silver-bling-bling-print. shouldn't you be worried by now, you wonder? yes, you should.

and thirdly there is a new issue of 'smashed images', a dutch punk/hardcore/soccer/political zine that features an interview with us. and besides that, it's a really interesting zine, so go check it out if you have the chance.

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