05 October 2005 ~ Comments Off on it’s been a while

it’s been a while

but here's another update from our newly based digital home. and we have a sh!tload of new shows to announce. check the shows section. and check out our new label mates from gascoigne too. they just released an awesome tape and c.d. on angry youth records. www.gascoigne.nl for their site (notice the name dropping on the c.d.'s art work!)

besides; we've been selected for europunk.net's 'band of the month' poll. even though we don't see making music and spreading ideas as a competition or a popularity contest, we are honored with the nomination. (of course only losers dislike competitions … well, competition is for losers!) anyhow, if you want to make clear you like us by voting for us or want to support europunk.net by visiting their site, go to www.europunk.net

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