25 April 2005 ~ Comments Off on austria kicks drunk ass!

austria kicks drunk ass!

at least oberpilsbach does. we had a great time everywhere in austria though, meeting up again with rentokill and r.a.m.b.o., and meeting 7yearsbadluck and other extremely friendly people. thanks for the people at whose couches we crashed! we hope to come back as soon as possible.

so far touring abroad. we have a lot of shows coming up in holland again in our own area specifically. check out the shows section to see the new added shows.

remember the 'gelderland-sampler' with all sorts of bands from the gelderland area? it seems to have become a five year plan. but, finally, the release is in sight! the release date is set for june 11 and we'll be playing at the release show in arnhem. together with a lot of other cool bands from gelderland of course. we recorded 2 previously unreleased songs for it: 'dream to live' and 'blood, sweat and tears'. 

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