28 September 2004 ~ Comments Off on keer het tij

keer het tij

thanks to all the people that showed up at our show with ignite, and it were a lot! we had a great time and we hope you had too. we will appear on a sampler called 'pleur-op-plaat #2' initiated by a notorious dutch punk community called punx.nl with over 20 other dutch punk bands. release to be expected somewhere in november. be afraid. some major news now: upcoming saturday 2 october there will be a big (huge!) demonstration called 'keer het tij' in amsterdam, museumplein from 12:00 to 14:00 to oppose to the plans of our current government. we think it's cool if you come too! it's necessary! they f#$% shit up even more then we do. a life threatening foot infection is the only excuse not to show up! i guess that's it for now, new shows to be announced later, but the time isn't ready yet …

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