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We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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14 June 2024 ~ 0 Comments

Berlin Show Photos

Our recent German dates were amazing, with the Berlin show at Badehaus as the cherry on the cake! Can we do this again soon, pretty please?!
Beautiful pictures by Teo Apostolecu.

08 May 2024 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER MAY 2024: Deutsche and Dutch shows

NEWSLETTER MAY 2024: Deutsche and Dutch shows

We’re not even halfway 2024 and we’ve been all over the place already! And we’ve still got many visits left! France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom were great, Germany and The Netherlands are looking extremely promising!


Our 2 week tour to France, Spain and Portugal was really something! It had been a while since we last visited, but it was incredible seeing our friends there, playing our new tunes for them and making new friends at that! We finally made it back to the UK for Manchester Punk Fest, and we were pleasantly surprised following up our recent little Italy trip! We took some photos of our adventures and posted them on the news feed of our website.

From shots of the tour with Pussy Riot we created a nice lyric video for “Support Bands” together with Bram Bergs. It felt fitting: a song about bands supporting people and movements under pressure. Let them know that they’re not alone, people across the world are rooting for them!

To do

Coming up next is the very last NOFX show that will happen in the Netherlands, in Eindhoven on May 19. Also featuring Circle Jerks, Heideroosjes, Negative Approach, Itchy and the Last Gang. We can’t even comprehend what this event is going to be like, but we’re more than ready to give our all singing them farewell!

After recovering from the NOFX hangover, we’ve got 4 shows in Germany, including guaranteed fun times in some of our favorite cities Berlin and Hannover:

22.05 Krefeld, Kulturrampe w/ Molly Punch
23.05 Hannover, Stumpf w/ Chester Park, Couchdivers
24.05 Berlin, Badehaus w/ Good Views, Bad News
25.05 Bielefeld, Fairticken w/ Sleepless Nights

And in June we will be hitting our Dutch home turf:

07.06 Den Haag, PAARD w/ Cooper
14.06 Gouda, So What w/ STiCKFiGS
21.06 Uden, De Pul

Info and tickets for all of the shows above can be found on the tour list on our website.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading our newsletter! Don’t be shy, hit reply; we love hearing from you… In the next episode you will find out about our fall plans!

Take care, Ben, Riekus & Willem

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24 April 2024 ~ Comments Off on Italian Tour Recap

Italian Tour Recap

Another extremely fun tour in the books: ITALY! Probably our nicest Milano show, first time Modena and a completely crazy night in Pordenone! Thanks to Teste Ribelli Fest for the invite and everyone else helping out with the good times. And the food, there was a lot of it; we like food, food tastes good!
Grazie mille, alla prossima!

“Sea Shepperd” pics by Emanuela Giurano

16 April 2024 ~ Comments Off on Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot

The little tour with PUSSY RIOT was intense: their passion and tenacity is very impressive and inspiring! If you have the chance to catch them, go check them out! Inform yourself on what’s going on in Russia and support counter culture!

Pics by Roos de Huu, Sabine DG

05 March 2024 ~ Comments Off on NEWSLETTER MARCH 2024: Tour Starts Tomorrow

NEWSLETTER MARCH 2024: Tour Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning we will load our van with gear and merch, hop in and take off. Playing our new music, being reunited with old friends and meeting new people is why we’re doing this tour, and this band in general. So to say that we’re excited is an understatement! We’re visiting France, Spain and Portugal; wanna stay up to date about what’s happening? Follow us on Instagram!

Tour dates for France, Spain, Portugal 2024

March 06 FR Reims, Les Vieux de la Vieille w/ Dernière Blonde
March 07 FR Chambery, Brin de Zinc
March 08 FR Montpellier, KJBI w/ Ask Your Mom, Eversione, Coaccion
March 09 ES Girona, ATV w/ Hot Gods, En Brut
March 10 ES Barcelona, La Deskomunal w/ Dalla
March 12 ES Madrid, Wurlitzer Ballroom w/ Early Flights
March 13 PT Lisboa, Tokyo w/ Painting Landscapes, Geracão À Rasca
March 14 PT Porto, Socorro w/ Painting Landscapes
March 15 ES A Coruña, Mardi Gras w/ Less Fortunate Songs
March 16 ES Oviedo, Lata de Zinc w/ Last Titans
March 17 FR Seignosse, Black Flag w/ Assisted Teenage Suicide
March 18 FR Roumazières, Chez Luc
March 19 FR Nantes, Black Shelter w/ NDA

All info and tickets via our website.

More Shows

When we come back from tour we have a lot of other great stuff coming up: at MPF, with Pussy Riot, in Italy, with NOFX and more:

Mar 29 UK Manchester, MPF
Mar 31 DE Vechta, Osterrock
Apr 11 NL Haarlem, Patronaat w/ Pussy Riot
Apr 12 NL Heerlen, Nieuwe Nor w/ Pussy Riot
Apr 13 NL Apeldoorn, Gigant w/ Pussy Riot
Apr 19 IT Milano, Casa di Alex
Apr 20 IT Modena, Teste Ribelli Fest
May 19 NL Eindhoven, NOFX Final Goodbye
May 22 DE Krefeld, Kulturrampe
May 23 DE Hannover, Stumpf
May 24 DE Berlin, Badehaus
May 25 DE Bielefeld, Fairticken
Jun 07 NL Den Haag, PAARD
Jun 14 NL Gouda, So What
Jun 21 NL Uden, De Pul
Dec 14 NL Nijmegen, Friends First Fest

Yup, info and tickets via our website.

Collage of new merchandise items

New merch

Well, “new”: the pre-order for these kicked off in the previous newsletter. But the TOGETHER artwork patches are 100% new and all merch has arrived at our HQ in the meantime! Pre-orders have been shipped and the rest is ready for tour and also available via our store. Please, take into account that we can’t ship orders while we’re on tour…

Antillectual on Dutch national TV

Media circus

Last month we found ourselves in the eye of a media storm after BUMA/Stemra, the Dutch performing rights association, released their 2023 music export report. They put us in 5th position as the only band in the top 10. The other 9 were mostly millionaire DJs, so we were sticking out like a sore thumb, which triggered national media to write about this band they had never heard of. We got featured on TV and radio shows, the national news, in the big newspapers; shit escalated quickly! We compiled a 45 minute video with all the (Dutch) interview footage to give you an idea of what hit us!

That’s it for now, thanks for reading our newsletter! Don’t be shy, hit reply; we love hearing from you… In the next episode you will find out how our tour was!

Take care, Ben, Riekus & Willem

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