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Friends First Fest will be the very last thing we’ll do in 2023. So even though our year isn’t 100% over yet, we already made a little recap of the things we did in 2023. Despite the world burning, with the continuing war in Ukraine, a new war igniting in Gaza and extreme right winning the Dutch elections, we as a band had an incredible year: Releasing TOGETHER definitely was the highlight of our year! Our first new album in 7 years, a mix of previously released singles and brand new songs, with beautiful artwork on LP/CD/tape, together with help from a lot of friends! It generated such heartwarming feedback!

We played many lovely shows this year; from supports and festivals to tours. Punk Rock Holiday definitely stands out with an overwhelming welcome at the European scene gathering in Slovenia. We had a blast supporting No Fun At All and Strike Anywhere at their Dutch shows; playing independent/DIY places, our homes away from home like ACU, Plupub, De Opstand, Immerhin, Bahndamm; doing fun festivals like Heng Loose, Skate & Destroy Open Air, Stemweder Open Air, Bearded Punk Fest, Limewood Fest; getting to do an Italian tour meeting up with longtime friends, and having a blast at the our Jahresabschluss at the Sonic Ballroom in Köln!

Pic by Roos de Huu

To all the other amazing cities, venues and festivals we were lucky enough to play this year, thank you! Despite our van breaking down twice and costing a fortune to fix, we didn’t have to cancel a single show. Humongous thanks go out to the people without whom we wouldn’t be able to do all this: our road crew Roos, Aaron & Chris; Hage at Spider Promotion, and of course our families and friends supporting this silly project that’s been going on for over 20 years now… See you on the other side!

Pic by Peter van Esch

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