25 December 2019 ~ Comments Off on Advent quiz results and Friends First Fest sold out!

Advent quiz results and Friends First Fest sold out!

Happy Holidays everybody!
As promised we’ll post the results of the advent quiz today. Thanks for sending in your answers, we hope you enjoyed doing this quiz as much as we did creating it!
Congratulations to the winner; Casper van Beijnum, you had the most correct answers! Come pick up your prizes at Friends First Fest using your 2 free tickets.

Speaking of which; those were the last 2 tickets available, because we’re very excited to say that FFF is SOLD OUT!

Q: How many kilometers were on our previous van when we had to let it go?
A: 677.805 km

Q: Who’s Spotify Wrapped 2019 is this?
A: Riekus

Q: Name as many bands as you can that Riekus was in? Bonus points if you name the first one!
A: Censored, Screwballs, Action heroes, Brandnewday, Stars overnight, Straight A’s, Omission, Dead Giveaway, Antillectual

Q: What is the nearest country, from The Netherlands, that Antillectual never played?
A: Denmark

Q: In which country did our number of spotify listeners grow the hardest in 2019?
A: Brazil

Q: What band did Toon do guest vocals for in the studio in 2019?
A: Crooked Kingdom

Q: The idea for this quiz was stolen from Tim Vantol. On how many shows did he handle bass duties for us?
A: 66

Q: What band was Yvo a part of after Antillectual?
A: Lawine

Q: What question would like to have answered tomorrow?
A: Apparently this was a bit too metaphysical for y’all, no answers were sent in.

Q: What show number will Friends First Fest 2019 be for us?
A: #1051

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