27 May 2013 ~ Comments Off on Releaseshows in Nijmegen (NL) and Duffel (BEL) on August 23 and 24

Releaseshows in Nijmegen (NL) and Duffel (BEL) on August 23 and 24

After playing 2 great shows in our hometown Nijmegen last week, it’s about time to announce our next hometown show. And not just some show: on August 23 we will release our new album “Perspectives & Objectives” and celebrate that with a release festival at Doornroosje, in Nijmegen. We hope to make it a memorable day by organizing a festival close to home after spending the summer all over Europe. Looking forward to present our new album and celebrate it with great friends, bands and distros! The day after the release show we will present the new album to our Belgian friends at the Brackrock Ecofest in Duffel (BEL).

The first 2 announced bands in Nijmegen are Lawine and Dead Giveaway. Two fresh all star bands featuring long running scene stars known as former and current members of Antillectual, Sand Creek Massacre, Of No Avail, Laternpoll, Landverraad, Grinding Halt and probably more. Three more bands will be announced together with distros to provide you with rad music, rad literature and vegan food.

To our German (or other international) friends we would like to stress that Nijmegen is only 5 km across the German border, close to the Ruhrpott area. You will be able to get tickets in advance so there really is no reason not to drop by on this great day.

August 23 – Antillectual at Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL)
w/ LawineDead Giveaway, 3 more TBA
Including music distro’s, books stands and vegan food
Tickets: 10 euro Ticket link
Facebook event

August 24 – Antillectual at Brakrock Ecofest, Duffel (BEL)
w/ Teenage Bottlerocket, Downset, Belgian Asociality, Harsh Realms, Face the Fax, Archetype, This Kid, Toxic Shock, Momma Knows Best, The Reeves, The Sex Toys, Knalselder, more
Facebook event

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