18 June 2013 ~ Comments Off on A-F Records to release “Perspectives & Objectives” in North America

A-F Records to release “Perspectives & Objectives” in North America

The orders for CDs and LPs of the new album were placed yesterday. Today we are incredibly excited to announce that A-F Records is releasing our new album in North America. Founded by the members of Anti-Flag to expose more political music to a broader audience, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, releasing music by Anti-Flag, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Worship This!, The Unseen, Justin Sane, Inquisition and many more. A-F Records will offer our new album as LP and download to North America, at a much better shipping rate than we can ever do from Europe. We are very happy to become a member of their family, or have them as a new member of ours!

With this last addition we have a great group of labels releasing our album worldwide. Please check them out and support them:

A-F Records (North America)
Suburban Records
Destiny Records (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
No Reason Records (Italy)
Angry Chuck Records (Russia)
Undermusic Records (South America)
Destroy It Yourself (Portugal)
Effervescence Records (France)
Lockjaw Records
 (United Kingdom)
5FeetUnder Records (Scandinavia)

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