13 March 2012 ~ Comments Off on Album release and tour in Brazil

Album release and tour in Brazil

Bom dia! We are very happy to announce a long cherished wish come true: a release of our music in South America. More specifically: Brazil. And of course, we will follow up with a tour in support of the release.

After having our last effort “Start From Scratch!” released all over Europe, the USA and Russia, we are now very proud to tell you that there now is a Brazilian release through Undermusic RecordsGet in touch with them to order your jewelcase copy of the album.

As an extra bonus to the release, Undermusic is booking our very first tour ever in Brazil. From November 1st to November 11th, we will be touring Brazil in support of this milestone. Details to be confirmed. If you wish to book one of these shows, please get in touch with our man Uirá at undermusicbooking@yahoo.com.br. Undermusic has a more than excellent booking roster with bands such as Mute, Atlas Losing Grip and many more, and we can’t stress enough how excited we are to finally set step in Brazil.

While we are working our asses off to write a new record, more touring news is to be announced very soon. Make sure you subscribe to our mailinglist to stay up to date with the latest and hottest. And some news too..

Take care, obrigado!

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