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Tom pulls the plug, Tim plugs in

Nope, Tom is not going to play acoustic or solo. Tom has decided to quit playing bass with us. As much as we regret his decision, we support him making it. After more than a year of fruitful cooperation, including recording a new album, Tom has decided to focus on other things. In Tom’s words:

Quitting something you love is never easy, so neither is this. For the last 15 or 16 months I have been a part of this touring machine and I will be a part of this until early February. In these months we recorded an album, did awesome tours to lots of countries that I haven’t played or even been before, played a quickie at Groezrock, went on tour with the great guys in High Five Drive and played with some of my favorite bands of all time. Besides that, I was able to play with some of the best musicians and best guys I know. I had a great time in this band, but the time has come for me to pull the plug. Putting my heart and head into this band is something I really loved, but I can’t find the time anymore to do it the upcoming year. Other things in my life ask more time than I have and that means I have to choose between different things. Unfortunately, a lot of things couldn’t continue without me, but the band can! And will! I’m happy that Riekus and Willem will continue this band and have already found another great guy to take over my duties. The last thing I wanted, was to give Antillectual a hard time, but it seems that touring a lot to promote the new album will be easier than ever!

And for me? I will focus on the things that need to be done and probably pick up a guitar when I have time again.
For now I would like to thank Riekus and Willem for giving me the opportunity to play in this band. Also thanks to Etjen and Thomas for helping out in so many ways. Although it was a short time, it has been a blast!


Since we seem to be able to change our line up more often than Lady Gaga changes outfits, we haven’t given up hope and we will continue without Tom. For those of you that already knew of Tom’s departure, we also have news: a guy named Tim will take Tom’s place. Some of you may know Tim better as Tim van Tol. We have played together with Tim in the past and come across his name throughout Europe and even the USA. When we coincidentally got in touch with him we talked about Tom’s departure and he seemed willing to take his spot. Riekus and I are very happy to welcome Tim to our bass player-guzzling machine called Antillectual and we are looking forward to play shows with this gifted musician. Tim will of course continue his solo work next to playing bass for us.

Tom’s last show with us will be at the ACU, Utrecht on February 4. Other bands playing: Tim van Tol (the coincidence!) and more to be confirmed …

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    We all know Tom quit the band because he needs time to come to De Mallemoere and fill his tummy with delicious vegan food!

    Now on the serious note: @ Tom: all the best with your study! Boah!
    @ Tim; can’t wait to see you in action with those two retards!

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    bye Tom! welcome Tim! mixed feelings allover, but it will be a blast to see Riekus grow a beard 🙂

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    Jeetje, ik kan het niet meer volgen…..tim, tom, yvo, pieter?

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    klinkt wel lekker, die plaat van tim (bandcamp ftw)


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