10 February 2009 ~ Comments Off on Tour was awesome!

Tour was awesome!

Just a small message to say we're back from tour. We had an amazing time going back to places we played on our first tour in 2004 (Bologna!) and places we've never been before. This must have been one of our best experiences so far. So thanks to all people showing up, helping us out with shows, food, and a floor to sleep on. A special thanks goes out to No Reason Records and Youth Way Records to help us out with bookings and to Etjen & Just Like Your Mom for haul assing on the road.

Written and filmed reports will follow (soon). You can check some pictures Riekus made at our Picasa site. If you happen to have pictures or videos or whatever, feel free to send us some links or files.

Right now we're preparing our next tour through Germany, for which we still need a show on March 1st. And hopefully we can update you all soon, with some nice news. That's all for now.

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