21 October 2009 ~ Comments Off on Kraken Gaat Door! (Squatting Continues)

Kraken Gaat Door! (Squatting Continues)

“News flash!”: The Dutch goverment is trying to forbid squatting by means of a new law. Since a lot of people experience the benefits of empty buildings being squatted and only a little group of property speculators makes money on purposely keeping buildings vacant, there is a lot of resistance against the new law. Even local governments do not support the new law since it is impossible and undesirable to evict all current squats. This Saturday, October 24, at 1300h, there will be a rally against the squatting prohibition in Utrecht (NL). Read more about the new law and the rally here (English) or here (Dutch).

If you ever visited, played a show, had band practice, ate a meal or whatever in a (former) squat (and it is within reasonable distance), please consider going to this rally. This concerns you too. And, there will be a meet & greet with (ex) Antillectual band members and their kids! If that doesn’t do it …
See you there! Kraken Gaat Door!

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