27 April 2009 ~ Comments Off on Good times

Good times

We played two shows this weekend. On friday there was a last minute show in Menen, Belgium. Not a lot of people, but we had a great time with Bert from The Ignored. We slept at his appartment in Ieper. If people are interested in the WO1, they probably know the city Ieper. The Germans fought an endless battle against the French and English troops in 1914. It was impressive to see all the names of the 130.000 soldiers who lost their lives on the walls.
We played for the very first time in Lille (France) on Saturday. Gollygee, what a show! A small venue with shows on a daily basis. I think 80 people could be stashed in it. By the time we started playing, almost 100 people crammed their way in, dancing, having a blast. And boy, it was hot as hell! Definitely one of those shows I’ll remember for a long time. Thanks to Stan who put up the show!

In the meantime, we’re working on new songs. New album? Indeed. Soon? Uhm… There’s so much to come before we at that chapter. But I can tell there are some breaks in the new songs I don’t understand yet…
If you want to hear some new tunes, come to our shows! We’ll play some live. Just for you. Not really, but still…

Tata! Yvo

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