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Review Testimony Oor (NL)


The Nijmegen and Arnhem based Antillectual is possibly Holland’s hardest working punkrock band. Even before the release of their debut album “Silencing Civilization” in 2005 the band frequently performed live. After that release endless tours through Europe and the USA followed. The frequent playing caused Antillectual’s growth from a band that reproduced Propagandhi, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and Hot Water Music, to a determined, politically aware punkrock machine.

The album “Testimony” forms solid proof of this evolution. The ten songs are full of authentic passion, frustration and social engagement. The pace is, due to the input of newcomer Riekus (drums), overall high-tempo. But through the frequent use of slower passages and breaks from the opening track “Testimony” also excels as a dynamic album. This makes it possible for songs like “I Hate Myself When I Shave Myself”, in which the punk scene is criticized, to stroll on, while the band erupts in favorite “Friendly Fire”.

The proof of Antillectual having the right punk ethics derives from the lyrics and liner notes accompanying them. Those discuss issues ranging from the change of the climate to the commercialization of the world and political engagement. Only downsides are the at some points quick transitions and distorted screams.


Oor nr. 3, April 2008

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