09 February 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Waves EP Going through the motions (USA)

Review Waves EP Going through the motions (USA)

Antillectual-Waves 7" (Square of Oppositon)

I'm late jumping on this, as it came out this past summer specifically for a US tour the band did. Antillectual are from the Netherlands, but you'd never guess it from listening to them. The music sounds very West Coast US. It's pretty melodic and poppy (but still fast and edgy) punk rock. These guys are probably more kids who grew up on Fat Wreck Chords stuff in the 90s and then got more overtly political and pissed off as they got into darker stuff. Think of the angry elements of Propaghandi with the more melodic elements of Strike Anywhere and you'll be somewhere close to imagining what these guys sound like.

The guitar-work is great, lots of cool riffs and interesting changes. Actually, the musicianship is pretty good all across the board, and the song structures are all pretty unique and well thought out. Some of the vocals are a little annoying, as the singer gets into the whole nasely thing from time to time, which takes away from the otherwise catchy melodies he's singing. The closing track on side A, "Waves", is definitely the stand-out, but not so much that the other songs are boring.
The record is limited to 500 copies on purple vinyl.


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