15 February 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Testimony Up Magazine (NL)

Review Testimony Up Magazine (NL)

Up Magazine nr. 44, March 2008

Antillectual “Testimony” CD
(Shield/Sonic Rendezvous)

The craftsmanship and melody that form the quality of the Antillectual live shows now finally have been recorded on the album “Testimony”. With this album the band is in no way inferior to likeminded bands like Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and Hot Water Music. The political punk with a raw edge is catchy and contagious. It makes you want to mosh and sing along to songs like “Sponsorship for life”, “Waste = food” and the title song. But also emo and indie rock fan can relate to this album. The three Dutchmen have a clear message, which they spread intelligibly in the beautiful booklet. Punk has seldom sounded so inspired. By far the best release on Shield Recordings up to date and an album for the year lists! I doubt the new Anti-Flag album will be a match for this album.


Arold Roestenburg

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