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Review Testimony Punx.nl (NL)

Antillectual – Testimony

by pureandsimple

band: Antillectual
album: Testimony

From mid-tempo melancholic post-punk to thrashing punkrock! Antillectual is far from ashamed to militantly show its versatility on the bands second full-length album. Indeed, Silencing Civilization’s successor is a straight up hit! Recognizable melody, emotion, and passion combined with somewhat unconventional structures, inventive guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. Propagandhi meeting A Wilhelm Scream meeting Strike Anywhere meeting No Use For A Name meeting Bad Religion with a hint of Hot Water Music? No, totally different! (But somewhat alike).

From the rising of the drums in opening song Testimony to the fade out of the swelling sounds in I Hope You Got My Letter, all are a feast for the ear and eye. Not the least for the eye, because again the socially critical lyrics and their explanations can be found in the booklet.

Plusses are among many things the hot Maiden riff in The Dog Ate It! en pleasantly up-tempo rocking songs like Waves and On Its Own. The only blot is the length of I Hope You Got My Letter that tends to stand out in that way. This could be a personal objection that no one agrees with though, so don’t be bothered. If the record contained 4 more songs I wouldn’t have noticed.

Well, a band that spreads its message with this much passion and integrity and, on top of that, is a treat for the ear, what else could one wish for?How beautiful punkrock can be sometimes. *Sigh*.


Score: 88/100


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