27 February 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Testimony Misfit Zine (Por.)

Review Testimony Misfit Zine (Por.)


This highly anticipated second album from this band, which hails from Holland since 2000, is a piece of good Punk-Rock, with hardcore riffs and catchy chorus, which will knock you down!

With the lyrics focused on both political and personal issues, the themes talk about war/anti-war, trends and commercialism! Musically speaking, the production is very good, the guitar is really cool and melodic, and the drums are powerful!

This is a band that does the walk instead of doing the talk, I can see! And we don't have too much of this today! Be sure to listen to this folks and grab a copy!

My favorite tracks are "Friendly Fire" and "Sponsorship For Life", which shows the two sides of the album. Great!


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