27 January 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Testimony Lamette.it (Ita.)

Review Testimony Lamette.it (Ita.)

Antillectual – Testimony cd (No Reason Records, 2007)

The record actually doesn’t come out in our country till March, and therefore I’m reviewing this album in advance: Antillectual – the latest addition to No Reason Records’ catalog – coming from Nijmegen, the Netherlands, play a mixture of punk-hardcore in the style of the labels’ previous releases (Rentokill, Enemy Alliance / Indecision Alarm). Melody and political commitment, in the spirit of Propagandhi, is the basis for this complex and valuable release. Valuable on several levels: the excellent looking digipack and especially the booklet – graphically sublime, including texts and additional notes for every single lyric – are no longer just an extra, but are an essential factor for the complete understanding of the message.

The 10 tracks are strongly structured  (from the musical professionalism it shows Antillectual clearly prefers unusual arrangements) and finalized very well with lyrical content: an anarchist point of view is present during the entire album, while the band gives its opinions on American imperialist policy ("Testimony"), on multinationals and their impact on the culture and the resistance against it ("Sponsorship for life"), on prison policy ("I hope you got my letter"), feminism ("Waves") and the punk circuit itself ("I hate myself when I shave myself"). In other moments, however, the discussion focuses on the personal state of mind and on individual positions. This happens without discussing concrete situations, but rather browsing the philosophical field ("Benefit of the doubt" probably one of the best songs of the album).

Testimony is certainly not a simple album, but in its kind it is undoubtedly an incredibly coherent and meticulously thought out piece of music. All this in the spirit of the highlights of the DIY movement of the eighties. It’s highly recommended listening to it on repeat, especially if you want to expand your views and musical ideas. I suggest you to immediately order your copy.



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