04 February 2008 ~ Comments Off on Review Testimony Dedication.it (Ita.)

Review Testimony Dedication.it (Ita.)

Antillectual – "Testimony" (No Reason Records)

File under: melodic hardcore/punk

Reference: Propagandhi, With Honor, Crime In Stereo, No Trigger, Much The Same.

It seems like I’m listening to the new album by the great Propagandhi, but it is "only" the debut record from the Lodi based No Reason Records from Dutch band Antillectual. Our old friends ("Silencing Civilization" – review).

"Testimony" will come out next March 3 and win over all lovers of this kind of music with their refined melodic hardcore/punk enriched with political and social lyrics. But, frankly, the lyrics stay a little in the background because of the quality of the music. This is a plus point though.

There are several resemblances with the Canadian, and sometimes it appears almost plagiarism (they simply love Propagandhi too much), but in the end Antillectual convinces me totally and doesn’t leave any unpleasant feeling behind. It all works out for the best.

High technically compositions enriched by diverse rhythms and melodies, this is one of the better punk/hardcore releases in recent months. With sincere regards to the increasingly stubborn and conscious No Reason Records, which seems very determined to focus on this style in Italy.

4 out of 5

(aob – 4/2/08)


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