17 January 2007 ~ Comments Off on we’ve survived

we’ve survived

we're back from another ten days on the road. and even our highest expectations have been surpassed by this experience. it was a tour we could only dream of, everything seemed well arranged: we had good shows, with a lot of people showing up, positive responses and a lot of merchandise being sold; all girlies, buttons and patches are gone, and the new designs are very well received. we also got the chance to practice some of our new songs in front of an audience and responses have been really positive so far. we can't wait to record them. there will be a tour report on this website as soon as it's finished. including pictures, and perhaps some videos. if you have any, please let us know.

here's the first review of our show in toulouse (in french). apparently they were the ones that stole our setlists. oh, and here's the pictures of that show (not in french). a big ol' "THANKS!!" goes out to etjen from "just like your mom toursupport", cedric from "snowstar records", joni from "annie mae bookings", matthieu from "go off the beaten track records" and all the associations such as "toloose punkers", "alentour bookings" and "d.i.y." in bordeaux that got us these great shows.

the new t-shirt design we brought on tour will soon be up for mailordering on this site as well. since we've sold out (huh huh) you can also expect new girlies, pins and patches!

on another note: since some of us will be graduating this year, we won't go abroad too much in the upcoming months. but, to practice the new songs some more, we'll try to get more shows in our own country. if you can and want to help us out, please do so. any place and any time! i think that's it for now. see ya! 

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