23 March 2006 ~ Comments Off on and we’re back

and we’re back

first of all thanks to all people in the u.k. that made our trip so worthwhile! to people doing shows and showing up at shows. but special thanks go out to annie mae bookings for arranging this amazing trip and to etjen from "just like your mum toursupport" for helping out in any possible way. any. without them, this trip wouldn't have been possible. we have had a great time on the island where the right side of the road is the wrong side of the road, people walk around barely naked when it's freezing, ska and metal do actually mix, breakfast is an adventure, pounds measure money in stead of weight and where myspace is god.

furthermore we have some new shows to announce. and one we're especially happy with: we'll be playing with a wilhelm scream! a band that's been a great inspiration for us the last couple of years. we're scared as hell to fuck this one up. may 5 there will be a cool freedom festival with a sweet line up at the a.c.u. in utrecht.

for our euro tour in april we still need one show on april 20. if you can help us out: please, email us!

and last but not least, we got another review from belgium of our last record "silencing civilization". don't blaim the belgians for being so late, we didn't send it in any sooner. check it here

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