21 April 2004 ~ Comments Off on recordings postponed

recordings postponed

we had a great weekend! friday we played with two cool bands, a new band called des-peration (great second show!) and the very talented german mindless tadpole! unfortunately b.b.k. had to cancel the den bosch show on saturday, but found a good replacement in just us. mel team plugs simply blew everyone away, nice guys too! thanx to thomas for setting up that last minute show. ok, enough ass-kissing. the recordings have been postponed 1 week, to may 21 and 22. expect mp3's may 23, we do! fingers are already looking blue because of practicing.
 some news for nerds: from march 2002 up to this week over 10.000 people visited this site, of whom 15% from abroad … all-o'-y'all must have been lost or something?
 and remember: keep your eyes open for these weapons of mess-destruction!


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