05 November 2004 ~ Comments Off on new propaganda central

new propaganda central

and we're back. permanently. our propaganda central found its new home and connection to the digital world. life can go on again. so we updated some band links, added some links, new shows, you know the procedure. our guest book keeps getting bugged by viruses and if we can't do anything against it, we'll get a new one. but then all your messages get lost, and that would be a shame. but there's nothing else we can do for now. we'll be playing in one of our hometowns this sunday, nijmegen, and it would be pretty cool if you showed up! just to let you know …
 oh, and we added the interview we did with 3voor12 in september about our u.s.a.-tour. it's in dutch unfortunately, but it has some pictures you can read in any language. look under 'band' or here. take care!

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