03 September 2004 ~ Comments Off on ignite


thanx to all the people that came out to see us play with fabulous disaster, it was a cool show, and fab. d. are such nice people! some news: we got 2 new shows, well actually 1. the 26 september show at the goudvishal will happen despite what we've said before! it's not cancelled, hell no, it's with ignite and misconduct. damn we're pleased to play with them! at that we have a new show in breda organized by our friends from the 'vrieskist'-collective, far out the coolest punk collective in breda! other bands might be smash the statues and orcastrated!
 we also started recording for the gelderland-sampler. and it's gonna be good, and i don't mean us, but the entire c.d.!
 enough about us, how are you doing?

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