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They promised us the world
Would be a global village
Instead of one community
Divided lands of opportunity

Parallel lives lived in one single universe
Separated from those that came off worse

From city to city
Isolating the periphery
Disconnected life

On our island
Without a notion of the others

From the center to the outpost
We forget to lend a hand
From the east coast to the west coast
We forgot our hinterland

This connected life

From town to town
All these connected lives

In the ocean
On the horizon

Liner notes

Where touring and critical thinking meet. When touring around the world and going to new places we always wonder what kind of people we will meet. Whether they are closely connected to their local cultures and practices or a product of a globalizing world. In most cases it’s the latter; we meet like minded people, living similar lives to our own. They just happen to be a couple of thousand kilometers away.

Simultaneously there are encounters with people living only 5 km away whose ideas and lifestyle are extremely hard to relate to. People that grew up pretty much the same way we did, who have completely different views. This shows in cities with relatively progressive majors, in quite conservative countries. Differences between countries might have declined, within countries they seem to have grown. Sometimes Bogota, Colombia feels nearer than Groesbeek.

Over the last decades people started to believe the world would become a unified global village through international trade, growing individual mobility and the internet. Looking at today’s world, that project has not yet succeeded. Even though malls and shopping districts worldwide look exactly alike with all the same shops, (groups of) people still seem to live on their respective islands. But the connection between those islands is getting stronger and stronger.

Upcoming shows

  • Apr2
    Netherlands Amsterdam
  • Apr3
    Netherlands Enschede
  • Apr14
    Positive Outlook Fest (Maloe Melo)
    Netherlands Amsterdam
  • Apr22
    Bearded Punk Fest
    Belgium Nijlen (Antwerpen)
  • May13
    Limewood Festival
    Germany Limburg-Lindenholzhausen
  • May27
    Plu Pub (Paraplufabrieken)
    Netherlands Nijmegen
  • Jun2
    Drink Drink
    Belgium Bruxelles
  • Jun3
    Germany Siegen
  • Jun17
    Heng Loose Fest (Skatepark Industrieplein)
    Netherlands Hengelo
  • Aug9
    Punk Rock Holiday
    Slovenia Tolmin
  • Oct5
    AJZ Bahndamm
    Germany Wermelskirchen
  • Dec29
    Friends First Fest (De Onderbroek)
    Netherlands Nijmegen

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