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As of now you can order our new album TOGETHER as LP / CD / tape, or bundle with an older album or a shirt!

The tracklist includes brand new musical discoveries and your favorite previously released digital singles within an album context, all in your physical format of choice LP/CD/tape! Albums come with lyrics and extensive liner notes. LPs are eco-friendly produced and come in a reversed cardboard gatefold sleeve with 180gr transparent green vinyl, CDs come in a reversed cardboard digipak and tapes are limited to only 25 hand numbered copies. Are you a label or someone that wants to do the release/distribution TOGETHER with us? Get in touch!

This is our first full length album after 2016’s ENGAGE. Toon and Ben both recorded songs and Ian Legge aka The Punk Cellist contributed cello parts to Helping Hands. The songs are recorded by Martin Beusker at Mailmen studio and Tim van Doorn at Big Dog Recordings, the album is mastered by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound, the beautiful artwork is created by Thomas at Dark Roast.

TOGETHER describes the state of the world, the music industry and our approach to this album. Current global problems can only be addressed together; Ukraine can’t defeat Putin on its own, nor can we beat climate change without worldwide support. And instead of being a Do It Yourself band we prefer the Do It Together approach. Without partners like independent labels, promoters, bookers and of course the support of our audience we would be nowhere. That also goes for this release: we asked friends running labels, stores, booking agencies to work on this album together. Without them this album is going nowhere. And lastly: even though these songs were recorded in batches and some released digitally, we wanted to put them together on a physical album.

(Side A)
01 Together
02 The Invisible Hand Meets The Visible Fist
03 Action Reaction
04 From City To City
05 Othering
(Side B)
06 Heads You Win, Tails We Lose
07 Fever
08 Support Bands
09 If You’re Not Outraged
10 Helping Hands