Lyrics from “Testimony”


We are at the end of the vacuum
We are back at ideology and clash
Lead by a mentality of polarity
Even innocent bystanders plead against you

This is what you get
When priorities are misplaced
When yours is the only way
When you polarize our world
We are all the witnesses and we will testify against you

But you have captured us in your wars, hoping the witnesses won’t be heard
Suburban Europe in flames, a loss of trust in national policy
Outsourcing western torture, with a world of wars as the result

What is your next alibi?
Is this business as usual?
This is for all of us on the losing end

We won’t swallow this, any longer
We will testify, to your abuse

Commerce sponsoring our lives
Providing fire to immoral friends
Wasting food while we can feed ourselves with waste
We wave away our better halves
Blame it on the dog once more
Shaving off for fitting in
Because nobody can rebel on his own
So much hope can spring from just one letter

But we are forced to choose sides
Doubt is just a loss (of money and time)

Sponsorship for life

Never shop when you are hungry
Because our needs are being created
While we have far more than enough
And needs are overabundant elsewhere

This spam we have grown accustomed to
The appearance of our public space
Of course all designed in line with
Corporate fashion and etiquette

Advertisement space for sale
No we won’t sell you our lives

Shouldn’t we get paid for being billboards?
For all these clandestine advertisements
In stead of spending all our so beloved money
On their logos brands and trademarks

Advertisement space for sale
Hell no we won’t sell you our lives
Others are selling territory that is ours
And there is no space left for us

Hell no we won’t sell you our lives
There will be no space left for us
The hole in our pocket
Is the hole in your market


I take quick look around me and see reasons enough to change the way things are
In relationships, on the work floor, in our interactions
I realize there is so much for us to do!

I take long look at myself and I get scared of the reflection
Of the patriarchal scars in my behavior
I realize women’s oppression under male domination
Rarely, if ever consists solely in depriving women of political and legal “rights”

But also extends into the structure of our society
And into the content of our culture
And permeates our consciousness

Her knowledge, her talents are overshadowed, his are overrated

Friendly fire

Bodies slashed apart, into pieces
Houses bombed away
Your own citizens executed
But it is your policy you say

Incidents that you deny
Coincidences you claim
Are those your standards; are those your values?
The chase was so much better than the catch
Now who is next to blame?

This anarchy that you have installed
Is not the type we recommended
What is your status symbol now?
A beheaded embodiment of western arrogance

At least you have got us on your side
Euthanasia, abortion, Dutch gay-pride
But for once you will allow it
European decadence next time a reason to conquest us too?

So where is your status symbol now?

I hate myself when I shave myself

This one is about us all
This scene that we are so immensely proud of
So independent, original and unique
Welcome everyone, happy birthday

But how come the girls cook, the guys mosh
Arrogance bliss
Everyone comes across the same
And everyone knows everyone by name

This is a scene just like any other
Dress-to-oppress-fashism, your words, your actions opposites
Beauty fool, do believe the hype
Copy/paste mentality, style or a lack of originality?

Shave off the standing out straggly hair
Shave on the attitude you don’t care
Hail to our fraternity, hail unity
You passed our hazing, now pledge dedication

But I know
Nobody really can escape
At least my social allergy
Reminds me of my aversion to participate

And we are all to blame, true D.I.Y. shouldn’t require any scene
The margin is where it is at, but for now we are trapped in this one-dimensional net

The dog ate it

Unfortunately this life is not meant
To be lived all by myself
The strings attached, supposed to help, are only holding me back
You won’t get the best of me

You talk too much
You say you want to get the best out of others
You say you taught me a lesson in life
A lesson in life, I should be grateful
At least now I know how not to handle things

It would be so much better
Not to make a promise
You might keep in the end
Then to break one

There is only one thing that is worse than doing nothing
That is doing nothing when you are promising the world

Maybes meaning no
If you want things done right
Do It Yourself!

Benefit of the Doubt

Charisma, commitment, conviction
Have brought us nothing else but
Conflict, combat, confrontation
And know-it-alls

An ode to insecurity
Here to make way for
The uncomfortable sense of
Having nothing to say

Not having made up
Your mind right away
Don’t let diffidence
Be a weakness, keep on questioning why

Mirror moments
Benefit of the doubt
Being open-minded
Distrust anyone telling you a truth

The right questions outweigh wrong answers
“Generation X” has become “Generation Why”

I don’t claim to have any answers
I just know that yours are no good
Your social insecurity
Is probably just as big as mine

Mirror moments
Benefit of the doubt
Being open-minded
Socrates always was right

On its own

This song means as much
As every stone that is thrown
As every book that is written and read
As every martyr that is dead and gone

This song means as little as every battle fought and lost
As every compromise and sin
As every lie we used to believe in, it all means nothing on its own
This struggle needs its thinkers, its doers, its dreamers
This song means nothing on its own

Waste = Food

Five minutes to midnight
Back on popular demand
After years of absence we are being presented
Everything we throw away
We get thrown right back at us
“An inconvenient truth”

You want the truth?
You cannot handle the truth
Do we want the truth?
We cannot handle this recent revenge of the truth

Doing nothing is not a strategy
The production of waste should be
Converted into prevention
A new Industrial Revolution
With a little more respect for formerly exploited sources
Cause when we reach the point of no return
Waste = food

It is possible
It is being done
It might take a little time
And a bit of our funds

I hope you got my letter

A free spirit driven into daily routine, institutions

Where public vengeance is administered
And hope is crushed by concrete corners

Life after life is wasted away
Never having any chance again
This is not a solution
It is in no-one’s interest to

In this lie, solidly implanted and cleverly disguised
As the “free and civilized society”

This is organized crime
21st century slavery

I hope you got my letter
I hope you get a million more

Let them not go unnoticed
Let them know they are not alone
I hope you got my letter
This is organized crime


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