Lyrics from “Silencing Civilization”

1. no human is illegal

separations are made in the benefit of their economical efforts
lines invented to profit elites and behold their comfort
border your wealth with these fences and keep it for yourself
while other humans are starving on the other side

these borders create hatred tear the fences down
these borders create greed tear the fences down
these borders create separations tear the fences down

build the walls that protect you from begging hands and hungry eyes
the value of life depends on where one lives and dies
stick up your collar your head in your ass because
other humans are starving on the other side

is the value of a human life dependent on where he or she lives and dies

2. raisedfistfuckyou

a lack of acceptance
and afraid of what is unknown
or are you scared to lose track
of your age-old and well-respected tradition

shove your tradition up your ass
and i hope you like it
fuck your homophobia
it is about time to accept it

it is time to wipe out the lines you have drawn
we don’t need it anyway
why should there be boundaries to love
we don’t need it anyway

there is no room for me
and so many more with me
in a macho culture
where the point is clear about sexuality

why is it so difficult
to express yourself
is it not normal
emotion is reason enough


let everyone feel and save your attitude
we don’t need it anyway
why should there be boundaries to love
we don’t need it anyway

3. another guide (to comprehensive capitalism)

step 1 subsidize education
step 2 ordain the people’s fashion
step 3 distribute communication
and you are on the stairway to social control and possession

don’t try to hide behind the lies you spread
selling the truth equals telling the truth to you
there is only truth when there is authority
now you bought us you can make your values our norms

‘produce what you can and consume in so far you need’
marx might be outdated but we still resist your greed
the summer of ’68 3 different time same foe to beat
‘provoke what you can and conform in so far you need’

4. because we can (and we should)

our tourist shades
show us a dark view
a view of a world that needs our help
instead of our so-called ‘development’

take off those shades
and see that there is a chance
once they have something to lose
something that they want to live for

we can not afford it
but we can avoid it

our economy objects
we cannot afford their development
well neither can we afford to
fail our moral responsibility

because we can and we should

5. bad company (no globalization without representation)

every morning i read your paper
every morning i read how you take over this world
growth for the cause of growth
a cancer cell’s ideology

our voice has been reduced
to our expenses
spending money we don’t have
consuming things we don’t need

while buying governments you are selling human rights
you are buying politicians and selling the poor a one-win situation
making profit enough is just too modest
but more is better and too much just might do

remember company had a different meaning?
something like friendship and sharing community
i guess your company allow me to call it a concern
really means worry a spreading anxiety

these crimes in the name of welfare
making money is taking money from those who need it even more
these crimes in the name of welfare
no ‘just do it’ do it just

isolating yourself from society into which you break
our social capital sponsored by industry and trade
in a world where virtue sounds so much like failure
dollar sins for dollar cents paying off your guilt

no globalization without representation

6. yes, i truly am naïve

yesterday i fantasized again about how we could live
without oppression laws or competition
where nobody is the same and everyone is equal

people help each other out of solidarity
compassion is a reason not to hurt your fellow (wo)man
not a law which tells you what you can not do
but talk with each other make your own agreement

this world seems so far and i am afraid i will never see it in practice

it is sad but true and no reason
to stop fighting for my naïve ideals
for a world that never comes
against an empire that never falls

for the simple fact that i am a slave to my frustrating feelings aching conscience
and the personal promise not to participate in a society i fucking hate

7. hero

celebrated hero without account
defines their wrongs from his rights
his name a selling brand or abused to unite
his worshippers following blind
despised by some only eulogized by few
respected by so many he founds yet another truth
no confrontation to fear him
his drive the taste of fame

but still that makes you no hero
that does not make you a hero at all

the anonymous hero without a name
you are so far away from the frontline
the army of the unknown among us all
the hero performing off the streets

driven by inner motivation your love for what is right
your guts effects the truly local no fear for a fight

but how will they ever know …

8. originator

the masses attempt to escape the consequences of an upcoming disaster
by attaching these consequences to those who appear as the prophets

the courier of bad news risks his own life
the bearer of a dreadful message is often seen as originator

marginalize these people
as naive and fragile kids
revolutionary thoughts are not accepted
since they question the usual behavior
be it the ngo’s
be it the activists
be it the communes the hippies
be it the anarchists

this creates the basis for a tendency to differentiate
distress-signals are taken as intolerable habits
of those who try to beat the alarm
even though they do not cause this harm

9. sound silence

i hear you live your life at night
no tomorrow within sight
one night stands and selfish friends
supported by beer booze and boys

it is just one of those nights when you don’t want to stay up
can’t believe i am watching dawson’s again
your last reminders inspiring me your last remainders burnt
can’t believe i am watching dawson’s again

but you can not write ‘home’ without writing ‘me’
and you won’t become my definition of home
the closer you came the further out of reach you got
the more sound the silence became

i haven’t drank since i quit sleeping i haven’t eaten since i swallowed your shit
not needing anybody i’m afraid i’m just needing yours
i hope he knows what he has got because i sure know what i have not

what’s with this silence how could i’ve missed its message
the phone that doesn’t ring the feedback that doesn’t sing
screaming to me at my face in my ear i should have known better

10. no government needed

1000s of people on the streets
and nobody seems to listen
you have pushed another law through
where nobody is
waiting for

there was never honesty
there was never any chance
any chance just to say
what we wanted

give the people
a little bit of
of what they are longing for
and tell them to shut up again

and every government
and politician
wants the same in the end
in the end there is nothing left for us

we can think for ourselves
fuck off and stay away
no government is needed
you do more damage than you do good


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