Antillectual – Action Reaction

We take inspiration from wherever we can get it: ACTION REACTION is an eerie, down-tuned composition inspired by a pop track (Dancing on My Own by Robyn) discussing how polarization fuels populism. A spoiled elite is trying to win over the hearts and minds of a tormented population. It’s time to win back these people ‘on the other side’. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

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cover art


You might be right about the problem
Creating more for few, less for most
You’re surely wrong about the solution
Caring more for you, less for those

Struggling at the end of the month
To them apocalypse means nothing at all

Every action is a reaction
Acts of despair, no influence
Weapons of the weak, self defense

Now the times they are ashaming
You sold them for the highest bid
If you’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole
You made them pay for all of it

The silenced bottom half
To them an average means nothing at all

You could have seen it coming
You never saw through their eyes
You never understood
You say they caught you off-guard
You never walked a mile in their shoes

Liner notes

We live in polarized times. Left vs right, mainstream media vs fake news, the elite vs the people, this list goes on and on. The French yellow vest (gilets jaunes) protests, Brexit, the conspiracy theorists, “Trump”, Canadian truckers, Dutch farmers; a lot of populist protest has come to the surface in the last years. A lot of those protesters are the victims of an opportunistic, arrogant elite appropriating those protesters’ problems. A movement of those on the bottom who lost hope to climb up. In short, the issue is the fear of missing out on the opportunity our society does create for others. A divide is acceptable as long as both sides are growing and prospering. That is no longer the case.

To resist the viewpoints you’re opposed to, it’s sometimes smart to listen to their advocates. It makes sense to understand the position of these protesters and where their drive comes from. Understanding why people support populist, alt right ideas, but without condoning those ideas! 

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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