17 January 2024 ~ Comments Off on BUMA Top Music Export Product 2023

BUMA Top Music Export Product 2023

So, how was your Blue Monday? We probably had the weirdest day in our band’s history!

BUMA, the Dutch performing rights association, released their music export report of 2023 and put us as the only band in the top 10 on the 5th position. The others in the top 10 were mostly millionaire DJs, so we were sticking out like a sore thumb, which made national media triggered to write about this band they never heard of. We got featured on TV and radio shows, items on the national news, all the big newspapers wrote about it and posted our picture; shit really hit the fan!

Ironically this made us postpone the announcement of our tour for some days, apologies for that, it’s coming soon!
And we still hope to see you at our show at Cafe the Jack in Eindhoven…

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