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2022; weird but good!

After 2 years of pandemic we finally felt like a band again in 2022. The year had a very slow start, and not everything went back to normal, but we did manage to make it a fun year! We played fun shows, recorded music for our upcoming album and regained a sense of purpose!

The year started in hibernation mode, continuing pandemic projects like the years before: doing acoustic Propagandhi covers, deconstructing I Wrote This Song and creating what turned out to be a TikTok hit.

When the time was right we kicked off live with a new festival combining skating & music at our local skate park Waalhalla: SHRED FEST! What a way to come back to live!

Summer brought us festivals like Mad Ones Fest in Luxembourg, Göttingen HC Sommerfest, Beard Ättäck Fest, Kraetzeval, The Broken Fest.

We got to share the stage with Bad Religion, Pussy Riot and Heideroosjes, play amazing locations like Paradiso and Conne Island, and do fun shows like Punk Rock Riot, Turbo Fest and Happy Accidents Fest!

We welcomed Ben as our full time bass player, recorded a new album with Tim at Big Dog Recordings and started working with Hage and Spider Promotion for bookings in Germany/Austria/Switzerland.

Like every year we finished it all off at Friends First Fest! All in all not bad for an “incomplete” year! And the foundation for an even better 2023 has been laid…

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