29 December 2020 ~ Comments Off on 2020 highlights, maybe not many, but definitely some!

2020 highlights, maybe not many, but definitely some!

Twentytwenty has truly been a shitty year. Looking back at the end of it, with a bright light glaring at the end of the tunnel, let’s have a look back at the fun things we did get to do, instead of all stuff we missed out on.

We did only 1 live show this year (probably the first time in 20 years with less than 50 shows?), with Anti-Flag and our buddies in Smash the Statues at Patronaat Haarlem on January 30. Couldn’t have picked a better one as the single 2020 show!

On March 17 we released our cover of Hanging on the Telephone (original by The Nerves/Blondie). We dressed up for the music video and recorded it at our HQ.

In April/May/June Willem did acoustic online shows for Wish You Were Here Fest, We Are One Tour, Booze Cruise and SBÄM Fest among others. If all else fails; go acoustic!

On May 12 we did our first physical release in 4 years: a vinyl Covers EP with 4 covers of The Police, Ramones, The Stooges/Iggy Pop and The Nerves/Blondie. It sold out pretty much during the pre-order and the response was really overwhelming. Thanks for supporting our (physical) release!

On June 30 we released a drum chronology: Riekus played a chronological medley of snippets of all 54 of our songs in 5 minutes! Madness!

On December 9 Unscripted Moments (Propagandhi podcast) aired an episode with Willem talking about and covering his favorite track. Check the acoustic cover (with the Punk Cellist!) of Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An:

Hope you had some highlights this year as well! Either way: see you on the other side!

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