16 March 2016 ~ Comments Off on WEB STORE DAY 2016


Record Store Day, it started as a cool initiative to support local record stores, but is turning into another toy for the record industry. When was the last time you got a punk album from a physical record store anyway? Therefor we present: “WEB STORE DAY 2016”!

A good record deal without leaving the house: this month you can pre-order a web-store-exclusive deal that gets delivered to you on Web/Record Store Day.
What: all 4 our full length albums + shirt of choice for 35 euro (as CDs) or 40 euro (as LPs).
When: order between March 16 – April 16, delivery April 16
Where: on this very site.

But wait, there’s more! Or actually, less … we only have a handful of the last pressing of gatefold LPs and digipack CDs of “START FROM SCRATCH!” available, so you can choose between the original gatefold LP or digipack CD, or the new pressing as singlefold LP or jewelcase CD.

Shopping tips:
+ Send a package as a gift.
+ In case you already have one or more of our albums: give double copies to a friend.

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