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2015, the recap

You were a terrific year to us! We might not have played a record breaking amount of shows, but the ones we played were high quality! We got the chance to play fun festivals like the Obenuse Fest, This Is My Fest, More of This Fest, Frotheim Open Air, Woodstick Festival and Huhn Auf’s Eis Festival. We played with amazing bands like Such Gold, Red City Radio, Bangers and Great Collapse. We also discovered new territory like Canada with our buddies in Clipwing and Fortune Cookie Club and Japan with Dead Neck. In 2015 Willem and Toon did their first acoustic shows together. And last but not least: we started writing, fine-tuning and recording a new album. The year ended with a definite banger and future tradition; our own Friends First Fest.

Have a brilliant new year’s eve and see you on the other side!

Photos by Max Laisina.

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