29 July 2013 ~ Comments Off on New song from Perspectives & Objectives: To All Members Of Parliament

New song from Perspectives & Objectives: To All Members Of Parliament

With a new album come new streams! On August 23 we will release our new album “Perspectives & Objectives”. Until that date we will stream new songs from the album every Monday.

Another faster song, finally! This song sums up pretty well what could be considered the “main theme” of the new album, although we never set out to write a concept album: in an ever-evolving world where being informed about the well-being of people and species across the globe is quickly becoming less and less of a problem, there is really no excuse anymore to say “I never knew about that”. We all represent and testify to what happens around us and further away. If there ever was a time to take things into our own hands and improve them, now is the time. Do It Yourself, but even more: Do It Together! This one goes out to all members of parliament, which includes you and us. Here’s what our long time DIY-friend Etjen from Just Like Your Mom has to say about it:

Members of parliament?

Let’s just skip this topic and write something about why I admire bands like Antillectual?

My first encounter with them is from way back in the days.. The days when I was organizing benefit gigs to support Animal Rights issues.. The time that Antillectual was our ‘house band’..

But also the time when we (Antillectual and I) started to work together in a DIY but also professional way.. As some of you might know I’m involved in founding Just Like Your Mom. With this company we try to support touring bands on the road, we do tour management, van/ backline hire, and make sure that bands can tour just like being on the road with their Mom. Oh, and we also do some vegan catering.

Without Antillectual there would not have been a “Mom”, and all of her activities.. The simple fact is that back in those days I decided to loan some money from 2 bands: Antillectual and Bambix, I would buy a tour van and would drive both bands around for free for a year. After that, they would start paying for the rent of the tour van and that was it: the start of Just Like Your Mom.

Now we are both many years further and we both still work in the same way:  taking control of a situation and turning that situation into something that allows you to make the world around you a better place.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting backstage at a festival in Ghent (Belgium) called de Gentse Feesten. Over the last 9 days, 43 “Mom” crew members have been selling vegan food on this festival and we fed over 10.000 people with our delicious food.

To me,  taking control of your own life and the lives of others around you is the key to how we should organize our own world. Fuck those so-called “members of parliament” and build your own society;  where we can make money to pay our rent, but also a society  where we can live and work together no matter what you do or where you’re from.

As said on a previous album.. ‘If you want things done right, Do It Yourself’

– Etjen – Just Like Your Mom toursupport catering & events

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Do those backup vocals at the end of the chorus sound a little familiar by any chance? Tom, Tim and Koen (“The Legion of Ex-bass Players”) took a little time to come over and sing along.

To All Members Of Parliament

In a world of shifting paradigms we can’t but do it together
Increasing international affairs, we’re all in this together

The map we use to see our world has expired long ago
Its architects don’t see the change, they never check below

It’s perspective, if anything, a different view in closeup
Locals have revamped the scenery, I hope the news catches on

I am a member of parliament
Representing all citizens
Not just one single nation but the whole fucking world
Let a new solidarity trickle up
You are a member of parliament
We all are members of parliament

Liner notes:

Your identity is constructed from several “sub-identities”. You are an inhabitant of your city, a child of your parents, a citizen of your nation and a member of a subculture among many other roles. The idea of nationality is forced upon us since the 19th century. And in today’s globalizing world I have a hard time identifying with fellow citizens of our nation alone. The more we get to travel around the world, the less I understand why we should adhere to our narrow minded nationality. Or to a European Union or other broader, but still exclusive groups. If anything, we are members of the nation of the world, of humanity. And as members of this international community we are all responsible for each other’s well being, each representing each other.

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