05 August 2013 ~ Comments Off on New song from Perspectives & Objectives: Future History

New song from Perspectives & Objectives: Future History

With a new album come new streams! On August 23 we will release our new album “Perspectives & Objectives”. Until that date we will stream new songs from the album every Monday.

For everyone that already heard the Future History EP, this isn’t really *new* and even the video might look familiar. But don’t be fooled, we re-recorded the song and there are some differences, enjoy those! The theme is of course still the same: how different generations look back and forth, on what has been and is yet to come. Our guest contribution comes from Chris Stowe from Anti-Flag’s A-F Records. They will release “Perspectives & Objectives” in North America and Australia and we’re very happy to have them aboard!

One of the primary things that I like and admire about Antillectual is their understanding of the level of responsibility that comes with being performing musicians. When you have the opportunity to share your music with an audience, you’re given the ability to directly affect and influence human lives. That’s a pretty heavy responsibility when you think about it. A lot of musicians, including myself at times, are guilty of squandering that opportunity to directly affect social change and to have a positive influence on the people around them. Antillectual isn’t one of those bands.
Their new track “Future History” challenges the listener to be aware that, even though we live in what appears to be a modern age, there’s still a mountain of work ahead of us as humans before we can consider ourselves civilized. It’s this dedication to using their musical influence as a mechanism of change that makes Antillectual a band that I respect and am lucky to work with.

– Chris Stowe, A-F Records

Pre-order “Perspectives & Objectives”, or a package including it and receive a stream right after. Next week an entirely new song about bullying, with a little help from Banksy.


Future History

Class, please open your books on chapter 3
About a period in time not that unique
The best intentions unveiled by history
The past has been written, let’s try to read

Will you remember?
How we loved to play keep-away
Girls and gays were seen as a different race
Considering other races animals
Treating animals as bad as beasts

Will you remember?
That we forgot to put things in perspective
Future history, a past yet to come

Will you remember?
Progress was not us moving ahead
It only meant the rest was moving back
Having more future in front than past behind
What harms us most now never came to mind

Liner notes:

Only in hindsight do we know which periods in time were important and which ones weren’t. Only in hindsight do we know which issues really mattered and which ones really didn’t. Nonetheless, everyone thinks they live in the most influential era. Everything going on right here, right now is what seems to matter most. But 100 years from now there will be significantly less attention for immigration, (other) religions or local institutions like the European Union. The world is becoming one globalized place where all human and nonhuman variations manage to coexist. In the end our era will be just another chapter in history books. Including its own idiosyncrasies and anomalies like racism, sexism, homophobia and our lack of animal rights.

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