12 June 2012 ~ Comments Off on Tourposter design update

Tourposter design update

Hey, what’s happening? It’s been kind of quiet on our side lately, but don’t let that fool you! Lots of time was spent on the recordings of our new EP over the last weeks. More news about that soon.

In the mean time we’d like to give a big Thank You to everyone who took the time to design a tour poster (or several) and send that over to us. Thanks! While we originally planned to pick a new design after June 10, we’ve decided to give it a little more time. The designs we’ve received so far are great, and we’d like to see if there’s even more cool designs out there waiting to be discovered. So, if you planned on sending in a poster, but found yourself short on time, we’re still accepting posters until June 25th. Everything you need to know can still be found right here.

Thanks again, and we promise: no more procrastination now 🙂

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