06 February 2012 ~ Comments Off on Some of our best friends are … doing awesome stuff!

Some of our best friends are … doing awesome stuff!

When you are in a band, you need others to play music. But as a (DIY) band you can’t do everything on your own either. Without friends that help us book shows and tours, release albums, give (good) advice and contacts we would be nowhere. Besides helping us out, our friends are doing really cool things on their own.

Former bass player Yvo and his Typewriter Distro will be going on tour with Rise Against next March to spread their words and wisdom. If you go to a show, just say hello!

Just Like Your Mom - veggie catering

Our “mom” Etjen from Just Like Your Mom has been our behind the scenes help since forever. On this year’s edition of Groezrock “mom” will provide vegan food for the first time. Finally food that lives up to this festival’s standards! OMNOMNOMNOM MOM!

Our friend Lenneke from Macbeth hosts another Macbeth stage at Groezrock. Yes, it’s a competition, but you get to play a crazy show! We had an amazing time when we did it 2 years ago. And while you are at Groezrock you might as well visit our Dutch and Italian labels Shield Recordings and No Reason Records at their stands in the merch tent.

Friends till the end!

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