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2012: quality over quantity

As promised, our reflection on this year, and looking what’s ahead in 2013. In 2012 we didn’t do the most shows in a year, but we did go back to the USA, played Fest 11, did our first ever show in Canada and released an album and toured in Brazil for the first time ever! In May 2012 we started the pre-production for the album that we will record and release in 2013, resulting in the Future History EP released in September 2012. We got the chance to play a lot of fun festivals and a crazy benefit show for the Black Fish in our hometown last summer. We recorded 3 music videos of which we still owe you 1! We want to salute all people that made 2012 such an excellent year: Just Like Your Mom, No Reason Records, Shield Recordings, Angry Chuck Records, Destiny Records, Mighty Vision Entertainment, Whipping Post Music, Mike/After the Fall, Uira/Undermusic Productions, Bedtime for Charlie, XPZ Sound, and of course, all of YOU out there!

As mentioned, 2013 will bring us a new album and more music videos. We are really looking forward to playing Monster Bash and doing tours around the release of our upcoming album. We’ll be going back to places we visited before and conquering new land, doing tours, festivals and one-off shows.

We wish you all the best for 2013, enjoy the new year! But to what extent can we contribute to that; what would YOU like US to do in 2013?

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