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Heideroosjes or HR (déjà-vu)

When I was 13 de Heideroosjes were maybe the first band I saw playing live. They are from the same region I grew up in. It made a big impression. I had no idea what to do and learn at the time, so I picked up playing guitar as a hobby. In my first band there was a guitar player who played better so I switched to bass. Around the same time I also started doing vocals in another band. When HR released their album Fast Forward, they asked my band (No wisdom at that time) to play 3 shows with them. That was a good learning school and cool of them to invite us to play shows in bigger venues at the time. Now, after 10 years, I will be playing with them again on a few of their goodbye shows. A big coincidence for me but cool again. If it was not for this band I would not be playing bass and maybe not even be playing in Antillectual right now.

So maybe I can’t change the world but you can influence a lot of people with music.

At the show on this poster I made a stage-dive during the support act. I bounced on the floor and my knee was all swollen. I made it through the evening, but the next morning my parents had to call a doctor because I couldn’t move my leg anymore. An ambulance had to take me to the hospital . My knee was bigger than a orange! They ended up having to take some fluids and blood out of my knee. Everything turned out OK, but sometimes I still have the idea my left knee is weaker than my right knee.

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