19 April 2011 ~ Comments Off on Groezrock


This weekend the Groezrock festival will take place in Belgium. Despite the fact that we are not on the official line up (booh!), the 3 of us will be at the festival. We hope to see a lot of friends from all over Europe/the world and have a talk and drink together. Our list of recommendation for this year:

Tim and Willem will play an acoustic set at the Acoustic Punk Meeting at the camping site on Friday night together with Sweet Empire, 7yearsbadluck, Bad Ideas and many many more.

Our friends from Astpai will be playing the MacBeth stage (the one we played last year) on Saturday the 23rd at 13.50h. This stage is backlined by our friends at Just Like Your Mom, Toursupport. Come and support!

The merchandise market will host a lot of our friends:
Typewriter Distro (The Books!)
Shield Recordings (our Benelux label)
Effervescence Records (our French label)
No Reason Records (our Italian label)
I guess you can even buy some of our commodities over there …

In support of the European scene, consider “billboarding” your favorite European band (or us, and we’ll get you a drink!) on your T-shirt at the festival. The Gaslight Anthem and Pennywise don’t need the attention … You can find us wearing Rentokill, In-sane and the Living Daylights shirts.

See you there!

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