29 October 2009 ~ 3 Comments

Enjoy your Fest!

Originated out of jealousy this goes out to all Yanks, tourists and other Fest visitors who are gonna celebrate the best weekend of the year this weekend in Gainesville. I wish we could be there ourselves, but hopefully we will be back next year. Have fun watching our friends from Static Radio, After the Fall, One Win Choice, Fiya, Bridge and Tunnel, Iron Chic, Strike Anywhere, and of course the “usual suspects”. If you happen to run into Thomas (our friend who helps us out with merchandise on tour) offer him and his girlfriend a place to sleep, they are still in need of one I guess.
Oh, and could someone tape the Samiam show?

3 Responses to “Enjoy your Fest!”

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    Huurthomas zit in Gainesville?

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    Godver, die fest video's … heimwee!


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