22 August 2008 ~ Comments Off on Merch-call


Just a short one this time to let you know we just got some new merch in today. To keep all you kids warm for the oncoming winter we have some new zippers, hoodies and, well.. shirts and girlies as well. We actually already had these shirts earlier on, but we decided to print them on girlies and hoodies as well, and have a nice extra front-print on the zippers.

This here is the main print:

and this here is the extra front-print on the zippers:

If you're feeling warm, try our new, refreshing shirts
If you're feeling cold, come on and head over to our cosy, warm merch section

Oh, and we still have some leftovers of our previous designs. Most of them are still available in just one size. Like it? Make sure to be quick. We're running out of stock

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