Antillectual – Truth Hits Everybody (The Police)

Releasing singles instead of albums gives us the freedom to do different stuff. Our third single is therefore a cover. We’re very excited to present you our new single: Truth Hits Everybody, a cover of The Police!

cover art


Sleep lay behind me like a broken ocean
Strange waking dreams before my eyes unfold
You lay there sleeping like an open doorway
I stepped outside myself and felt so cold

Take a look at my new toy
It’ll blow your head in two, oh boy

Truth hits everybody
Truth hits everyone

I thought about it and my dream was broken
I clutch at images like dying breath
And I don’t want to make a fuss about it
The only certain thing in life is death

Take a look at my new toy
It’ll blow your head in two, oh boy

Truth hits everybody
Truth hits everyone

Where you want to be
Won’t you ever see?

Truth hits everybody
Truth hits everyone

Original songwriter / lyricist: Gordon Sumner

Liner notes

We wanted to experiment and record other people’s music. Most of the bands we grew up on are still around or reunited, but we didn’t feel like covering bands that are still active. It was much more interesting to go back one more generation and find early punk songs with a modern melodic vibe to them. Truth Hits Everybody was the first song that came to mind. From the first time I heard it, it felt like something that would match with our own style very well. Not surprisingly the song appeared to be in a key we use a lot ourselves.

Credits: Drums and bass recorded by Emiel Thoonen; vocals, guitars and hammond recorded by Menno Bakker at Amsterdam Recording Company. Mixed by Menno Bakker at ARC, mastering by Carl Saff. Video by Ruben Smulders. Artwork by Andy Dahlström.

Truth Hits Everybody tour

  • Jun2
    Drink Drink
    Belgium Bruxelles
  • Jun3
    Germany Siegen
  • Jun9
    Germany Aachen
  • Jun10
    Germany Solingen
  • Jun17
    Heng Loose Fest (Skatepark Industrieplein)
    Netherlands Hengelo
  • Jul22
    Skate And Destroy Open Air (Gleis D Skatehalle)
    Germany Hannover
  • Aug9
    Punk Rock Holiday
    Slovenia Tolmin
  • Aug19
    Stemweder Open Air
    Germany Stemwede-Haldem
  • Oct5
    AJZ Bahndamm
    Germany Wermelskirchen
  • Dec29
    Friends First Fest (De Onderbroek)
    Netherlands Nijmegen

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