Antillectual – The Invisible Hand Meets The Visible Fist

The Invisible Hand is an ode to conscious consumers in a capitalist world. A world dictating you to either produce commodities under sketchy circumstances or buy them.

cover art


Hardfought electoral merits
Vanished into hollow sway
A bribe seems our last ammunition
Consumer strike, strategic pay

Your invisible hand
Will meet our visible fist
Trust me we’ll take a stand
Together we will resist

Fashion victims wearing t-shirts
Paraphrasing human rights
Made by valid fashion victims
Who lost their shirt working the night

Orgies of consumer porn
The best things in life aren’t things, aren’t things at all
Life in debt since we were born
The best things in life aren’t things, aren’t things at all

First shots always come for free
Honey traps in search of prey
The house will always win as you can see

Liner notes

In a world where politicians govern their nations as companies, citizens are reduced to customers. Leaving citizens with little more influence than their spendings. So let’s use that mechanism and “celebrate” the crisis’ 10th birthday by making our purchases with even more care about who we support financially. The neoliberal narrative in which we are the extras only knows one language, so let’s address them in that same language: strategic purchases, striking as consumers and boycotting companies whose policies we don’t agree with are our only bribe to get a foot in the door.

Let’s show the invisible hand of the market the visible fist of the people! Merry 10 year crisiversary!

The Visible Tour

  • Sep22
    Germany Wiesbaden
  • Sep23
    Germany Würzburg
  • Sep28
    Netherlands Venlo
  • Oct4
    Club VEB / KuFa
    Germany Hildesheim
  • Oct5
    AJZ Bahndamm
    Germany Wermelskirchen
  • Oct6
    Germany Kiel
  • Oct7
    Germany Oberhausen
  • Oct26
    Germany Hamburg
  • Oct27
    Monster Records
    Germany Hannover
  • Oct28
    Haunted House Party (Wilhelmstr. X-berg)
    Germany Berlin
  • Nov9
    Italy Milano
  • Nov10
    Italy Verona
  • Nov11
    Surfer Joe
    Italy Livorno
  • Nov12
    Margot Club
    Italy Carmagnola/Torino
  • Dec1
    Sonic Ballroom
    Germany Köln
  • Dec29
    Friends First Fest (De Onderbroek)
    Netherlands Nijmegen
  • Mar29
    Manchester Punk Fest
    United Kingdom Manchester

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