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We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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16 September 2003 ~ Comments Off on tunnel vision

tunnel vision

indeed, STILL no new website, although progress is being made! so here's some news on this piece of sh*t.

bob asked me to post tunnelvisions latest show here, so here it goes: 27 september, het podium hoogeveen; tunnel vision, intensity, tragedy, betercore, accion mutante, bullshit science, the now denial, the last mile, driller killer, lomb, cockroach, morser

15 August 2003 ~ Comments Off on new url

new url

we are back! after a break from may until august we started playing again. as you may have noticed we have moved to a new address: www.antillectual.com please change your links if you have any. a new website will be up soon.

the new e.p. is available and a tour is on its way. hope to see you soon offline in person.

16 April 2003 ~ Comments Off on miscellaneous


Damn, some more shows again! It seems our guestbook is out of order, hopefully back up soon! Email us to get our attention. See you soon!

15 April 2003 ~ Comments Off on adds, changes, fights

adds, changes, fights

Added some gigs, changed some links, fought some wars. Nothing important really, ever?

01 April 2003 ~ Comments Off on luxembourg


Luxembourg kix ass! A cool venue, cool people, cool bands, warm beer and Dave Grohl's bed made our night! Antillectual will be on sort of a break from May 1st until July 11th. Yvo will be on a 2,5 month long trip. So come and see us in April, or arrange us a show in July or later 😉


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